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ExtoWallet Card & App
Unparalleled security and accessibility. 

A biometric, tamper-resistant, multi-currency wallet, which keeps your private keys secure and authenticates your crypto transactions. Cryptocurrency asset holders either hold their assets through exchanges, 3rd party custodians, or choose self-custody. The best practice for self-custody is to use Hardware wallets that secure private keys from various malicious attacks. ExtoWallet utilizes a Biometric Smart Card, the user's smartphone, and multi-signatures to provide unparalleled security and ease of use. 

ExtoPay- Enabling mobile payment and open banking systems with intermittent off-line capabilities
ExtoPay extends the reach of mobile payment, digital banking, and cross-border payment service providers in emerging markets to 1.5 B users who don't have mobile connectivity. ExtoPay combines the low cost and secure ExtoWallet Biometric Smart Cards provisioned with Distributed Ledger Technologies to support offline Bluetooth based card-to-card or card-to-phone payments. ExtoPay supports fiat, CBDC, and Cryptocurrency payments using a patent-pending Intermittent Network Architecture. This system addresses the recovery of funds due to lost or damaged cards and protects against counterfeit card attacks. 
ExtoID- ExtoWallets support W3C based Verifiable Credentials supporting self-sovereign functional identities which can be secured with on-card biometrics.
ExtoWallet's Biometric hardware wallet secures user's verifiable credentials and allows privacy-preserving means of presentation to verifiers. ExtoWallet's can store attested verifiable credentials and private data such as medical records providing the user control over functional identities and sensitive personal data. Biometrics and multi-factor authentication features of the ExtoWallet allow such data to be secure and easily accessible for users. 
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