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ExtoPay Enabling universal access and offline transactions. 
ExtoPay is a digital payment solution that is near pilot ready. It utilizes distributed ledger technology in combination with low-cost biometric smart card/wearable hardware wallets or mobile App software wallets. ExtoPay provides universal access to smartphone or non-smartphone users, secure offline transactions, recovery of lost funds, fraud prevention, and user-controlled cryptographically secured digital ID.  The system also enables agent-based onboarding/KYC, cash-in/out and access to banking services. ExtoCard and App wallets enable users with a full range of online and offline payments very securely. 
ExtoID ExtoPay incorporates user controlled digital identities signed with verifiable credentials
ExtoWallet's Biometric Hardware and Mobile Wallets secure user's verifiable credentials and allow selective, privacy-preserving presentation to verifiers. ExtoWallet's store issuer attested verifiable credentials and allow users to control privacy and sharing of their Identity or financial data on the system with 3rd party counter parties. 
Exto Crypto Wallet
Unparalleled security 

A biometric, tamper-resistant, multi-currency wallet, which keeps your private keys secure and authenticates your crypto transactions. Cryptocurrency asset holders either hold their assets through exchanges, 3rd party custodians, or choose self-custody. The best practice for self-custody is to use Hardware wallets that secure private keys from various malicious attacks. ExtoWallet utilizes a Biometric Smart Card, the user's smartphone, and multi-signatures to provide unparalleled security and ease of use. 

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