Extending the reach of digital payments and identity offline.

The last-mile solution for digitizing payments & identity.


ExtoLabs is a spin-off of Ethernom developing vertical applications and services enabled by Ethernom's Connected Biometric Smart Card Platform. By combining the security, tamper resistance, and ease-of-use of the cards with distributed ledger backends we extend payments and digital identity off-line reaching over 1.5 Bil users that are not connected. 

ExtoWallet Card & App
Unparalleled security and accessibility for self-custody of your cryptocurrencies. Simple to use cosigning Hardware Wallet & App
ExtoPay- Enabling off-line trusted transactions for fiat, CBDCs, and cryptocurrencies. Extending the reach of digital payments to 1.5 B offline users
ExtoID- ExtoWallets secure W3C based Verifiable Credentials supporting privacy and self sovereign identities